Our Answers to your Carpet Questions!

How long will it take to clean my carpet?

Depending on certain variables such as actual room size,(We consider 1-150 sq ft as 1 room) exposed carpet area, (we do not move large furniture) soiling conditions, Type of carpet, etc., it will take about an average of 15 minutes to clean each room.

How is your method (Bonnet or Encapsulation) When compared to traditional Steam Cleaning!

Encapsulation technology shortens dry times after cleaning the carpet. With Steam carpets are often wet for days because the super heated water can penetrate clear to the sub floor! This can cause the glue to release leaving a loose, rippling appearance! Additionally the dirt that collects underneath all carpets will begin to wick up to the surface as drying occurs, resulting in dirty stained looking carpet only days after cleaning! ENCAPSOLUTION encapsulates and extracts deeply imbedded dirt, oil and water borne materials without the use of solvents, shampoos or “steam cleaning”.

ENCAPSOLUTION rapidly penetrates down through the carpet fibers lowering the fiber surface tension so dirt and oils fall away. The spinning action of a 300 to 350 rpm rotary buffer creates an “Electro Molecular transfer,” drawing the dirt and oil particles into the accumulator bonnet.

How long will it take for my carpet and upholstery to dry?

Drying time will greatly depend on the current weather conditions, amount of moisture needed to obtain the necessary results, whether or not protector is applied, and most importantly, air flow. Given these variables, you could expect anywhere from thirty minuets  on the low end to one and one half hours on the high end.

How soon will I be able to walk on my carpets?

You can walk on your carpet immediately, but limiting the amount of traffic is highly recommended until it is completely dry as wet carpet picks up soil very easily. Wear clean white socks or shoe covers if walking on wet carpet is necessary. It is also recommended that children and pets stay off the carpet for the first 1–2 hours!.

Are the products you use safe to be around?

It is guaranteed safe for the environment, leaves no chemical odors or shampoo residues, Think Clean Green is the only way we do business!

Do I have to stay at home while my carpet is being cleaned?

It is not necessary for you to be home during the cleaning process. However, we do ask that you be home when we arrive so you can go over the details of the job with the technician and point out any areas of concern etc. If at that point you want to leave, please leave a forwarding number where you can be reached if necessary.

Do you guarantee complete stain removal?

Although we are generally able to remove most visible stains, occasionally there are permanent stains we will not be able to remove. These are things like oxidized soil or wear areas, discolorations such as dye transfers (Kool-AidTM), and other unidentifiable situations. Of course, we will do our best, but as your carpet ages it will become more susceptible to these situations. We do not use solvents or heavy chemicals that can affect the Ph in your carpet! No we can not guarantee stains will be removed! We do guarantee your satisfaction with the service you receive! Honest straight forward business practice with no hidden surprises!

What if a stain reappears shortly after the cleaning?

Our Low Moisture method wont penetrate the carpet backing (Like Steam) what’s in and under the carpet and padding. doesn’t get wet!  This virtually eliminates the chance of Wicking! (dirt rising  to the surface)  If this happens within the first 5 days of the cleaning, simply call us and we will return to correct the problem at no charge.

Does cleaning cause my carpet to soil faster than by not cleaning at all?

The products and techniques we use do not cause it to soil faster by any means. In fact just the opposite! The polymers that we apply not only bond with the dirt they bond with the fibers in the carpet1 No sticky residue only clear crystallized and  undetectable to the eye, touch and smell! Now as new dirt is transferred to the carpet the crystallized polymers work as a barrier allowing for vacuuming to extract the new debrief more effectively! Leaving Cleaner healthier better maintained Carpet!

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